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Celebees is an ecosystem where a single woman or women as a community can utilize their skills & abilities to earn money as either full-time or part-time ways. This is built on a collaborative economy model to promote women entrepreneurship that helps to contribute to society and the economy.
Celebees utilizes the scattered time, resources, space, and skills of the women community into a single standardized product or service to the end-user. Celebees chef network is ready to share their skills and resources with us through an average of 3 hrs/day and almost 5000 women candidature from a single city.

Our Believes And Objectives

These are our specific thoughts as to why Celebees was brought up here.
  • Vision
  • Mission
To stand as an example as to how women can empower themselves by doing things that they love which can have a positive impact on others while having roots in multiple metropolitan cities
To be the platform for a million women to coexist as a community fuelled by the passion to make a better world for everyone while enjoying their free time.

Board Members

Faizal Khalid

CEO & Founder

Sunitha Faizal


Nadeem Hussain

Chief Operating Officer

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