App Overview

Celebees App is here !
Your celebrations are now homely and easy

Celebees is now available on Android Playstore and support every device with Android 6.0 or higher. The app has been developed with ease of use and a simple interface such that almost anyone with a smartphone can easily order the homemade dishes and other party accessories to complete your celebrations
  • The user interface is easily understandable
  • One can easily explore the vast menu of foods
  • Ability to choose a chef for your desired product
  • Safe and Secure transactions guaranteed
  • Fast, responsible and On-time deliveries
  • Safe and Secure transactions guaranteed
  • Fast, responsible and On-time deliveries

How Celebees App

Product Detail/ Category (Explore)

Celebees’s unique explore feature helps visitors to choose your favorite dishes by searching on the search bar or by browsing through numerous categories such as Snacks, Cakes, Sweets & Pastries, Party full-course dishes, Desserts, etc. Each category has subcategories that help you to explore the thousands of dishes offered by our home chefs. The product images give you an idea of the actual appearance and quantity of the item further letting you select according to your actual requirement.

Shopping Cart

Once you have selected your item and its quantity, it will be placed in your shopping cart, where you can review its contents and make any changes accordingly. The total amount will also be displayed so that you can proceed to schedule the delivery.

Payment, Coupons And Checkout

Finally comes the checkout part, where you pay for the items that you have ordered. You can either pay the amount either through Cash on Delivery (COD) while it has been delivered or via UPI platforms. Card Payment gateway is also supported here. Depending upon the user’s tastes they can get personalized coupons that can be used to redeem discounted prices.